Classroom – Large size state of the art classrooms which enables students a comfortable environment to study. Each classroom has a capacity of 50 students.
Library – The institute has a spacious library having a wide range of books and journals. The library is managed by trained and efficient staff who personally guide students in selecting the relevant books.
Computer Lab – SNDACE boasts about its computer Lab. It is  well equipped and with sufficient numbers of computers having internet access on every system. The Institute has full Wi-Fi Zone.
Multi Purpose Hall – The institute has a huge multipurpose hall having a sitting capacity of minimum 150 persons. multipurpse hall
Transport – The institute will provide soon, transportation facility from Kalyan mandappam and some easy pick up points in the city to college building and return.*Transport facility will be available to students who desire to avail the same. college bus
Practical Lab – Institute also has a huge practical lab well equipped with latest and modern apparatuses. The lab is well lit and has necessary safety devices installed in it. There will be qualified lab technicians with students while they perform their practicals to enable easy, safe practicals with better understanding. lab pic
Cricket – We believe in both mental and physical development of the student. Hence we have facility of both indoor and Outdoor games so that student can improve his sports skills too. cricket play ground
ET Lab – Educational Technology Lab or ET Lab is a part of our college. We are here to help you with any of the technological needs related to teaching & research. ET LAB pic
Language Lab –The objective of the language laboratory is to develop and refine the language skills of our students. It has Language lab pic

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