Rules and Regulations

Admission process will be followed as directed by the state government and the affiliating university for the private institutions of Madhya Pradesh. Any changes made by them will be followed.
Student’s Discipline
Students are expected to maintain high standard of discipline for efficient learning and personality development. The following acts will be considered the acts of indiscipline:-
• Disregard of institution’s Rules and instructions.
• Disrespect or argument with any official of the institute.
• Ragging of Junior Students.
• Irregular Attendance.
• Recourse to unfair means in test, examinations and assignments.
• Destruction of Institute’s property and belongings.
• Taking part in illegal affairs. i.e. Strikes etc.
• Failure to produce identity card on demand in college premises.
• Usage of health Hazards. i.e. Smoking or Chewing Tobacco.
Student will be dealt severely, if found breaking any kind of discipline which may or may not be mentioned in the list above. The student will be responsible for the loss done to him/her for not following the discipline.
Admission to the institution implies acceptance without any modification by the student and his/her parents/ guardians of all provisions given in the institute’s prospectus or any change in the university/ institute’s rules and regulations, examination’s schemes, syllabi, fees etc. that may be made from time to time.
The clauses and sub clauses indicated in the prospectus are only for general information and could be modified / changed in due course of time by the Management/Principal. The prospectus shall not be treated as a legal document.
The decision of the institution will be final and binding in case of any dispute arising in any matter. All disputes, if any are subject to Chhatarpur jurisdiction.

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